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In February, 2001, NTT Docomo Inc. first moved Java into mobile phones; this event suggests that those could not be done through web with mobile phones such as online games are able to work from this time on.

Currently, the function of EZ Application by KDDI Corporation, of V Application by Vodafone and of other application on terminals implemented by other telecom corporations has been improved both in quantity and quality.

El Camino Real has paid intensive attention to the following characters and potential of Japanese mobile phone markets. ECR concentrates not only the programming of pure Java technology but also development of “easy, cozy and interesting” user interface of mobile phone application.

The characters and potential of application for Japanese mobile phones

Rather than mere “telephones”, we have considered mobile phones a real PC.

In comparison with other mobile terminals

Convenient carrying

Users can always bring mobile phones with them for the sake that mobile phones are easy carrying and can be always in the standby mode. As a result, mobile phones are the most convenient mobile devices that can be easily used.

Easy user education

Mobile phones are now commonly used, so the possible barriers for users when using a new and unfamiliar device are low. Moreover, comparing to PC, user education is much simpler.

High cost performance

Since almost everyone has mobile phones, it is of no need for users to buy a new one.

High serviceability

Users can install and upstate the latest version of application on internet by themselves.

High terminal security

Till now, there is no computer virus that is found in Java applied on mobile phones.

In comparison with web

Comfortable operation

Application does not have to always be online except communication. Comparing to the “browser” user interface, which cannot be operated without being online, the application of mobile phones can be much more conveniently and easily operated.

Advanced function

Because of input check and calculating function can be operated in mobile terminals, it is not necessarily to process all these work in the server side. Therefore, usability is enhanced while the server’s burden is alleviated.


Network security

Applications of mobile phones can respond to SSL encryption; besides, application itself can execute simple encryption. In addition, although it takes money, applications can communicate without goes through the internet.

Coordination with camera, intra-red radiation communication and Felica

Since camera and intra-red radiation has become part of the standard function of mobile phones, applications can be then coordinated with these input and output devices. In the near future, if coordinating with Felica, it is possible to receive payment by application.

In the past, limited by the screen size of mobile phones and the file size of application, the business-use application could not be put into use practically and smoothly even though it has been invented successfully. Yet, as time goes by, the restrict was overcome. Hence, in the near future, it is no denial that the function of mobile phones will be extended and expanded.

Since its founding in 2000, El Camino Real has remained faithful in its value and commitment to producing unparalleled functional application for mobile phones and repeating the practical test on them. These are all based on ECR’s outstanding creating and programming capacity, which ECR is self-confident of, of both front-end and backyard techniques. The potential of mobile phones is unlimited; therefore, ECR will have mobile-phone-centered platform perform efficiently and effectively in daily lives, offering users more easy, convenient and interesting techniques and values. This will be ECR’s unchanged objective and commitment since its founding.

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