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ECR RSS Reader—RSS Reader for mobile phones

ECR RSS Reader—RSS Reader for mobile phones

ECR RSS Reader is programmed for mobile phones; if users download it into his or her mobile phones and then the registered RSS can be read and searched on mobile phones. 100 entries of RSS can be freely registered. Moreover, if images are included in the RSS and their size fit the screen size, they can then be displayed. Even though in standby mode, in addition, ECR RSS automatically check the update information.

Checking RSS with mobile phones

If users download ECR RSS Reader into their mobile phones, they will be able to check celebrities’ and friends’ RSS with mobile phones. It’s easy and convenient to bring mobile phones with oneself, so users can always check the upstate latest information of RSS wherever and whenever they are.

The details of ECR RSS Reader

ECR RSS Reader is equipped with the sufficient and abundant function of RSS.

To correspond to main format

ECR RSS Reader corresponds to RSS0.9x/1.0/1.1/2.0/,Atom0.3/1.0, so almost all RSS can be read with ECR RSS Reader.

To register RSS by category or QR Code

Users can enter the URL or scan the QR Code to put the RSS, which is fond of, into entry. Also, users can choose the exited RSS in the category of ECR RSS Reader and RSS will be automatically implemented. As a result, users can read RSS even without entering the URL.

To have 100 entries of RSS as upper limit

100 entries of RSS can be registered and registered RSS can be organized by folders.

To display images

Images included in RSS can be displayed and be scaled to fit the screen size.

To display the HTML pages

Users can refer to the HTML file if there are links in RSS.
-Show text only.
-With the consideration of use and connecting speed of mobile phones, users can enter about 10,000 alphabets as the upper limit.

To check the upstate RSS automatically and to inform users by "Sign"

Even if ECR RSS Reader is in its standby mode, it still has the access to ECR’s server, so it can automatically check the update information. It is easy for users to notice and recognize the updating situation because of the obvious informing “Sigh”—characterized with Red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple.

Backup function

Because ECR’s server will automatically backup registered RSS and all the settings, even if users change their mobile phones or delete ECR RSS Reader mistakenly and carelessly, it can be restored to the original situation.

To display one’s images in standby mode

Users can set their favorite pictures as the main page in the standby mode.

Transmission and reception of feeds by intra-red ray

Users can easily exchange interesting RSS feeds with other ECR RSS Reader users by intra-red ray.

Screen shot
To read RSS

ECR has made efforts to enhance the readability and simplicity of ECR RSS Reader and put this idea into practice. Under the intention and consideration, ECR chose the color scheme of ECR RSS Reader--navy blue background and white words-- as well as the adequate spacing to make it easier and more comfortable to read the content of RSS. Also, there are three font sizes offered for users to choose in ECR RSS Reader.
As to the appeal of simple operation of application, users can merely through clicking two icons, either “choose” or “back”, for more detailed RSS content.

“Feed list” screen is the main screen of ECR RSS Reader, displaying the title of registered RSS Feeds and the updated information.
Users can add and organize folders to arrange RSS.

“Entry list” screen shows the content of RSS Feed.

“Entry” screen shows the more detailed content of RSS Feed. If there are anchors, images or HTML content can be referred.

“HTML Viewer” screen shows the full RSS content of the linked HTML pages.

To see images

Images included in RSS can be shown in ECR RSS Reader.

To choose and to register RSS

There are three ways to add RSS to Feed List:
1. To choose RSS from categories: register RSS from the existed categories.
2. To enter URL: enter the URL of RSS directly.
3. To scan QR Code: have URL entered through scanning QR Code.

“To choose RSS from categories”

There are more than 1700 RSS existed in about 150 categories in ECR RSS Reader.

“To enter URL”

Users can register RSS by entering URL.

“To scan QR Code”

Users can have URL entered by scanning QR Code.

To inform users the update information by "Sign"

Users will be informed of the update of registered RSS by the informing “Sign.” Also, ECR RSS Reader can itself check the update automatically in the standby mode.
Users can set the color of “Sign” and the flash of corresponding color in the left side indicates its corresponding RSS has updated.

Users can set their favorite images as the screen of standby mode of ECR RSS Reader.
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