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About El Camino Real

Although there are lots of routes like Highway 101 leading to the Silicon Valley, it is “El Camino Real” that goes through it. Moreover, “El Camino Real” means “the Royal road” and “the King’s road” in Spanish. Because of the two reasons stated above, El Camino Real Inc. gains the name of “El Camino Real”.

El Camino Real Inc. (ECR) was founded in 2000, and then took part in the “Shanghai International Industry Fair” in 2003. ECR has devoted itself to specialize Java for mobile devices, especially for soft of mobile phones and it is now absorbing in the development of “ECR RSS Reader”, which is programmed, designed and used only for mobile phones.

The CEO of ECR, Yoshitomo Kidera, had engaged in the production of the initial Java project in Japan—Cybermall, held by NTT Telemarketing (now NTT Solco). With the aim to get the more information and idea not only about what the potential and the trend of Java is but also how Java would be applied to other devices, Mr. Kidera himself visited the inventor and master of Java—Dr. James Gosling. The consequence of their visit was then written in the book of “Javaを創った人々”, which is published by ASCII Corporation, by Mr. Kidera. In 1995, Mr. Kidera predicted that the future revolution of possibilities of taking java programs into mobile phones technology will be taken into a serious consideration.

Currently, there are kinds of applications provided by NTT Docomo Inc., KDDI Corporation and Vodafone K.K. in the Japanese mobile phones market, which shows that the market is growing stably and rapidly. Most of these applications were developed by Java; however, as time goes by, there have been other various platforms such BREW developed by Qualcomm and Series 60 by NOKIA that became available in the market. With the view of the inevitable trend, ECR will devote itself in developing the application for mobile phones by Java as well as challenging to do it by other platforms.

Using easily, cozily and interestingly. ECR will contribute itself to the society by continuously developing new soft and application in order to provide users with the best services and then proceeds to the ideal boulevard of “EL CAMINO REAL.”

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